According to WIMA Finland rules, the requirements for membership are: sex = female, minimum 16 years of age, interest for motorcycling and a driver's license to ride a motorbike. You don't have to own the bike and the license is not as obligatory either, as long as you have enthusiasm for this! As supportive members we also accept men, companies and organizations.

As a member of Ladies' Bike Club (LBC) you can use all the benefits of the SMOTO club. There is also some LBC member benefits, too. LBC member benefits you can find in the Member pages that are available for the logged users. As an LBC club member you can participate the club training events with a member fee (cheaper than non-member fee). There are member events in Finland and abroad. Via LBC you can make friends with other women motorbike riders. Few times a year you will receive a member letter that will tell you the latest news of the club. Yearly there is a member magazine CC-cuppi.

There is a membership form in the address to apply the membership of the club. After LBC board has been accepted a new member she will get the information how to pay member fee. After the new member has paid the fee she will get club information, member card and password to the 'Vain jäsenille (Members' only)' pages. The member fee is to be paid yearly around February-March.

The membership fee is to be decided annually in a club members' meeting. In the year 2019 the member fee is 30 €. The joining fee (paid when joining the club) is 20 € (year 2019). Supportive member fee is 20 €.

When joining the club would you please tell if you can receive the member letter via email. Remember to keep your contact information (email, mail address) up to date. Any change of you member data is to be announced to the membership register manager.

LBC has a member register only for the club use. The data is not given to any marketing purposes.

If you don't get any response to you membership application in few weeks, please contact the membership register manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..