Peruuntunut/ WIMA-ralli Saksassa 7/2020

WIMA-ralli on peruuntunut vallitsevan tilanteen vuoksi.

Maailmanlaajuisen koronapandemian takia, ei voida taata, että ralli toteuisi suunnitellusti. Rallimaksut pyritään siirtämään huhtikuun loppuun ja tilanne rallin suhteen arvioidaan uudelleen pääsiäisen jälkeen.

Alla Susi Metzner/ Presidentti WIMA Germany viesti:

Due to the worldwide corona pandemic we cannot guarantee at the moment that WIMA can take place as planned. Nobody knows how the situation will develop in the next weeks. We are trying to arrange new cancellation periods with the hostels and are pushing back expenses as much as possible to keep our risk as low as possible.
Your members should do the same with regard to flights / ferries, i.e. push back bookings as far as possible.
To reassure you and your members, the rally fees are not due until the end of April. We hope that we will be able to assess the situation better after Easter.
Let’s all hope together that the situation will relax quickly and we will all see each other in summer for a wonderful rally in Wilnsdorf.
Best regards,